Specialists in Patient Centric Inventory Automation

SurgiDat SPD™


SurgiDat SPD offers:

  • Full surgical instrument tracking
  • Case cart and surgeon preference cards
  • Process control
  • Maintenance history
  • Full cycle history
  • Integration with the SurgiDat application suite
  • "The easiest to use system available"
  • Real-time data process control, for recalls and patient safety.

Quick Facts

  • SurgiDat integrates with OEM steam sterilizers, carriage systems, MMIS, scheduling and case cart systems.
  • SurgiDat has a developed a system for laser marking up to 30 instruments at once. This saves valuable staff time and provides a much quicker implementation.
  • SurgiDat developed a 2D bar code reading adaptor to ensure an accurate and quick scan of surgical instruments and other items.
  • SurgiDat is capable of reading other OEM and third party laser marks.
  • SurgiDat integrates with most OEM steam sterilizers and carriage systems.
  • SurgiDat can integrate with existing surgeons preference cards and case cart systems management or provide them all together.
  • SurgiDat provides abilities to measure productivity during instrument assembly and overall production.
  • SurgiDat provides individual instrument maintenance tracking.
  • SurgiDat uniquely identifies individual surgical instruments and automatically tracks them as they move through multiple locations.
  • SurgiDat tracks actual instrument usage and identifies which instruments were used in procedures.
  • SurgiDat tracks usage of individual surgical instruments and notifies processing staff when service is due to ensure proper maintenance and physician satisfaction.
  • SurgiDat automates instrument assembly processes to ensure accurate (100%) assembly. Eliminate missing instruments, incorrect instruments and instruments in need of repair. Increase physician satisfaction.
  • SurgiDat ensures assembly process is correct from the start. Technicians are able to assemble trays much faster and learn instrumentation during training.
  • SurgiDat identifies each instrument with a unique mark and tracks its movements throughout use in your facility. No more missing instruments. Locate instruments immediately.
  • SurgiDat associates individual instruments to a case cart and applicable surgical procedures and patients. SurgiDat can interface with the OR Scheduling and MMIS.
  • SurgiDat automates surgical instrument assembly processes by generating an automated pick list whereby users can scan individual instruments quickly to ensure accurate identification and assembly within each set.

Sales, Installation and Support

SurgiDat provides a web-based solution in compliance with multiple international standards. SurgiDat SPD captures critical industry standard cost information essential for timely and effective management of sterilization departments. SurgiDat complies with most types of interfacing such as 1 and 2D barcode readers, touch screens and RFID tags. SurgiDat SPD easily integrates with case cart and surgeon preference card systems.

Multiple Cost Centers and Groups

SurgiDat maintains production and distribution costing for multiple distribution points in small or large hospital environments. SurgiDat SPD captures sub groups such as consumables, stock, on costs, labor, or additional user defined categories. Easily produce reports and statistics for individual cost centers or a summary of the production and distribution costs and services for the entire sterilization department.

Tray And Inventory Databases

SurgiDat manages a single database which can be deployed over multiple health care facilities. We integrate multiple suppliers or manufacturer catalogs.

Equipment Validation

SurgiDat provides easy-to-use windows based forms for the complete entry of all validation tests carried out on sterilization equipment and records this information for later reporting as required by management or internal/external audit.

Bar Code Technology

SurgiDat fully supports the use of scanners and touch screen controls to enter item codes minimizing keyboard skill requirements for operators. Bar code technology with scanners can be used in both the production and distribution processes to significantly speed the recording of loads.

Production Recording

SurgiDat provides a powerful and easy-to-use windows based data entry facility for recording all necessary information for each load that is passed through a machine, such as a sterilizer or washer. All of this information is available to both staff and management in printed and on screen reports.