Specialists in Patient Centric Inventory Automation

SurgiDat EndoStorageCab™
Flexible Scope - Clean Air - Electronic - Storage Cabinets


SurgiDat Flexible Endoscope Storage Cabinets provide a highly visable, clean HEPA filtered positive pressure Air environment to safely Store and Manage your expensive, sensitive Medical Devices.

SurgiDat Cloud9 Electronic Storage

  • Highly Visual representation of scopes loaded
  • Available integrated RFID Option
  • Real Time monitoring and on cabinet Scope Expiry LED Alerts
  • SurgiDat EndoStorageCab™ can reduce inventory to 3-5 days avoiding expired stock.

Integratable with Serenity TagIT and GI Lab

  • Point of use Storage Validation Expiry TAG "Patient safety and regulatory compliance
  • Simple data management at point of use/patient level allocation
  • Enterprise - Real-time knowledge across the supply chain
  • Ease of use = simple to deploy and manage
  • Web based, secure, scalable, layered technology, accountability and risk management
  • Measurable outcomes for spend/allocation, financial control and budgeting
  • Inventory requirements based upon clinical workflow
  • Customized to your business needs
  • Rapid deployment and interface with existing systems

Patient Centric

  • SurgiDat is built to fit the way you operate
  • Tailored to your business needs
  • Coordinates patient relationship with materials management
  • One centralized access point across multiple data sources enabling a more informed patient care decision
  • At a glance, secure web based, Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

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