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I am interested in Handle Tags:

Missing Instrument Tags™(Identifying Missing Items in Trays)- 500 per roll

Vendor Loaner Tags™ (Out Going Trays) - 500 per roll

Rush to IUSS™ (Immediate Use Steam Sterilization)- 500 per roll

Repair Tags™ (Place 5 in a Peel pack for Sterile Field Use)- 500 per roll

SurgiDat Rush to Run Tags ™ (Inventory Automation)- 500 per roll

Monday Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

Tuesday Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

Wednesday Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

Thursday Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

Friday Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

Weekend Loan Set Tags™- 500 per roll

SurgiDat Custom Label™- 500 per roll


I am interested in Production Software and Services:

SurgiDat AS™ (Automation Systems)

SurgiDat ACO™ (Enterprize Automation)

SurgiDat ORAS™ (Operating Room Automation Solution)

SurgiDat Preference Cards™ (Coded Procedure Cards by Surgeon)

SurgiDat IA™ (Inventory Automation)

SurgiDat Cloud9 EndoStorageCabs™

SurgiDat Pulse Vision™ (Business Intelligence)

SurgiDat Serenity SPD™

SurgiDat Handle Tags™