Specialists in Patient Centric Inventory Automation

SurgiDat - Episodic Pathways™

Supplying a functional workflow production system alignment capability. Mapping complete end to end Care Redesign.

Our executive consulting team provides ongoing functional benefit - Even after the contract is completed - Projects can continue on to provide ongoing realization.

Our team has many years of C-level Experience in real world commercial and healthcare environments. Data in knowledge - decision making tools within an automated production environment not only provide efficiencies but also data mining real time Business intelligence to evaluate your next facility direction or project.

  • Optimizing your resources
  • Increasing revenue and Reduce cost
  • Providing Exceptional Quality of Care

A comprehensive Health IT Integrated Layered Solution

  • Materials * Multi facility item master mapping
  • Full management of all items across multiple facilities or GPO purchasing access levels to point of use
  • Clinical production workflows - Real time utilization of resources within the Perioperative process
  • Financial Management - contract cost maintenance - compliance controls
  • Business Process Design / Management
  • Reporting for items comparing the savings from best and average prices against surgeon preference cards and/or real time usage
  • Materials - Multi facility item master mapping
  • Activity based Costing by Surgeon / procedure


SurgiDat web based solutions are easy to implement. Cloud based solutions - We do the heavy lifting - Providing the power to make a difference through knowledge creation.

  • Patient Safety
  • Revenue Expansion
  • Cost Effective Patient care
  • Employee & Physician Relationships
  • Efficient Delivery of Services