Specialists in Patient Centric Inventory Automation


SurgiDat's software solutions incorporate patient and financial management, clinical and surgical operations, materials and process control, strategic dashboard management and Inventory Intelligence™ in a single data framework solution.

SurgiDat Serenity™

SurgiDat Serenity is a simple electronic solution designed to replace sterilization date label and manual record keeping systems.More Info »

SurgiDat Handle Tags™

The VIBE Repair Tag system enables the capture of repairs immediately from the OR and allows for instant repair tracking. More Info »

SurgiDat SPD™

SurgiDat SPD is an integrated production recording and costing system that serves as a powerful tool in the hospital sterilization environment. We enable staff to easily and accurately record the production of sterile trays and their distribution points while also recording critical tracking and costing information. More Info »

SurgiDat Pulse Vision™

Pulse Vision is an excellent Inventory Intelligence™ solution especially if you have disparate MMIS. More Info »

SurgiDat IA™ (Inventory Automation)

SurgiDat IA delivers simple point of use inventory automation. SurgiDat IA easily integrates into your existing clinical, financial, materials management and billing systems to provide near time management reporting and stock control at a glance. More Info »